Benefit for Rod Green
San Geronimo Valley Community Center
San Geronimo, California
June 26, 2005

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JC Flyer and Pete Sears, JC Flyer Band

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Sunshine Garcia and Chuck Rosene, Grapefruit Ed

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Pat Nevins, Judge Murphy and Rich Brodsky, Grapefruit Ed

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Martin Fierro

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Paul Scannel, Grapefruit Ed

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Chris Rowan and friend Melanie Phippard

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Phil Coulson and Pete Sears, Grapefruit Ed

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Doug Budzak and Sammy Johnston, Grapefruit Ed

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Pete Harris, Chris Rowan, JC Flyer, Martin Fierro, and Glenn Tucker, JC Flyer Band

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Rich Brodsky, Grapefruit Ed

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(L to R) Mike Eaves, Lauren Murphy, Judge Murphy, Pete Harris, Chris Rowan, Melanie Phippard, Glenn Tucker, JC Flyer, Phil Coulson, Chuck Rosene, Pete Sears, Doug Budzak, Martin Fierro


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Revised July 8, 2005